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Getting started

Welcome to Geolitix, the cloud platform for GPR data analysis that harnesses the power of cluster computing and machine learning to enable rapid, accurate data delivery for projects of any size. This User Guide is your key to everything you need to know to get started using Geolitix.

What is Geolitix?

Geolitix was born from witnessing a need for a single solution for GPR data processing, interpretation and visualisation which is easy for basic users, yet has all the complex features required by advanced professionals. The platform was built around a simple flow through concept where data from any GPR could be simply dragged into a browser, easily positioned, processed, interpreted and finally have CAD or image outputs generated with a few steps.

Geolitix is a cloud-based software and requires an Internet connection and browser. Although it can work on many browsers, we recommend using a Chromium based browser such as Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Brave, etc.

Supported devices

Geolitix is optimised to be run on a laptop or desktop computer with an attached keyboard and mouse with a scroll wheel. Geolitix can also be used on a tablet computer if a scroll wheel mouse is attached. Due to screen size limitations, it is not possible to fully use Geolitix on a mobile phone.

Geolitix can be run on any of the recommended browsers, regardless of operating system (i.e. Windows, MacOS, Android, etc).